Baker Consulting: Ingraining Cultural Responsiveness in Work Cultures

Top 10 Organizational Development Services Companies - 2022

Organizations are increasingly adopting innovative workplace strategies to attract and retain talent in a fiercely competitive market pushed by a labor shortage and the digital shift. From artificial intelligence and automation to employee engagement and hybrid work, the modern corporate world is witnessing the adoption of leading-edge technologies and people-driven policies to improve productivity and increase the bottomline. In the wake of these trends, the global organization and change management consulting market valued at $1,108.3 million in 2018 is projected to reach $1,754.90 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.27 percent.

Among the factors driving this market growth, AI is one of the primary driving factors. According to The World Economic Forum, AI and automation will create 97 million jobs by 2025. Organizations can leverage AI to enhance products, optimize internal and external operations, and help leaders make better decisions. AI also improves human resources processes by facilitating smart HRIS to integrate HR-related functions to manage dayto- day administrative tasks effectively.

To spotlight such key developments in the industry, Manage HR illustrates how companies are leveraging the latest developments in AI to enhance their overall performance. The edition also features thought leadership articles from Vivian Garces, Head of talent attraction and development at Grupo Vanti, Erik Doyle, Director of Talent and Organizational Development at Patrick Industries, and Eric Fulmer, Director of Workforce Development and Recruiting, Wiregrass Construction Company, who shed light on various trends in the organizational development industry, including key developments in HR business model implementation, cultural turnaround, and training programs.

In this edition of Manage HR, we also bring the story of some of the top organizational development services companies delivering the best outcomes for their clients. In the list, Baker Consulting particularly stands out for its coaching and consultation services that incorporate culturally responsive thinking into the modern corporate world. The list also comprises Management Insight, an organizational development firm that helps develop value-centered cultures that improve business processes, and maximize productivity and retention, while enhancing bottomline performance, and Legal Lean Sigma, the first and only organization to develop and bring to law firms and legal departments a comprehensive set of process improvement and project management certification courses, training programs, and consulting services specifically designed for the legal profession.

Through the following pages, we aim to highlight the innovative trends and latest developments in the organizational development industry. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Organizational Development Services Companies

  • Baker Consulting Group provides first-hand technical assistance and strategic planning, ensuring organizations build vision, philosophy, and infrastructure. Its mission is to help workers share their authentic cultural values with the workplace, boosting productivity and employee morale and initiating relationship-building processes within the workforce in diverse communal environments.

  • Work Exceptional provides tailored business and human capital consulting services to help clients grow, retain and build a high-performance environment. Not only does the firm tailor the best solution for companies of all sizes, but it also ensures to scale the pricing per the client’s project needs and budget constraints.

  • Dream Forward Consulting is a certified Black woman-owned global consulting firm specializing in organizational design and development, culture transformation, executive coaching, and comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The company helps a wide variety of clientele, including startups, nonprofits, Fortune 100 companies, and government agencies, transform their leaders, drive change, and form a clear identity to accomplish their goals.

  • Management Insight is an organizational development firm that guides executives and leadership teams in creating healthier, more effective, and high-trust organizations. We help organizations develop a value-centered culture by prioritizing and focusing on refining business processes to maximize human capitol, retention, and bottom-line performance.

  • Leading with Heart helps leaders improve their ability to manage, influence, and develop others using a heart-based approach to leadership. The company utilizes real-life situations to enable leaders to identify their strengths, close competency gaps, and become more purposeful, empathetic, understanding, and humble. These leaders play a vital role in creating a great organizational culture and retaining talents—the key to long-term business success.

  • The Legal Lean Sigma Institute is the first and only organization to develop and bring to law firms and legal departments a comprehensive set of process improvement (PI) and project management (PM) certification courses, training programs, and consulting services specifically designed for the legal profession.

  • Parone Group helps businesses and their teams learn how to better work and play together to create organizational effectiveness. The company architects proven processes, enabling organizations to improve customer and employee retention, raise accountability and focus on what matters the most to meet key objectives.

  • Davidoff Strategy

    Davidoff Strategy

    Davidoff’s unique Mission-Driven Business Strategy approach is sought by leading national and local associations, foundations, nonprofits, and corporations. Davidoff leads organizations to create both highly effective strategy and high-performing cultures. The result is clear direction and ownership of the mission throughout the organization, reenergizing leadership, staff, boards, partners, customers, and other stakeholders who want more for themselves and for their organizations.

  • Leadership Coach Group

    Leadership Coach Group

    The Leadership Coach Group is a global firm that offers leadership/executive coaching, team coaching, 360-degree leadership assessments, leadership training, personality assessments (Strengths Finders, DISC, Myers-Briggs), and much more. The company serves clients around the world virtually and in person.

  • Navalent


    Navalent develops exceptional leaders with capabilities needed to execute strategy and lead organizations. Navalent helps in articulating strategies for enterprises.

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